Laura Capell-Abra

Over the last 15 years, Laura has worked with automotive, financial, government, FMCG, retail, and sports brands to achieve their growth goals using a variety of marketing techniques, in particular, live communications.  In recent years, Laura has taken a more strategic approach to understanding business goals and facilitating discussion on how to plan to achieve these.

Following on from her role as Managing Director at live communications agency, Sledge Ltd, Laura now acts as a consultant to small businesses who are looking to achieve greater success.  Laura’s sustainable growth consultancy, No More Ifs Or Buts, uses a unique coaching approach and the Don’t Just Be methodology.  Advising businesses on the strategic processes that they need to focus on and offer them solutions and ideas on how to ensure they are maximising their growth opportunities and improving efficiencies.

Laura believes in working with others to invigorate businesses and maximise efficiencies through the power of processes and teamwork. She is an accomplished and experienced board director, with a proven track record of strategic international growth and efficiency building.

Over her career, Laura has won a number of awards for clients, for agencies and has also gained personal recognition in the marketing industry. Being recognised in awards such as the top 35 under 35 list and being voted number 36 in the Event Top 100 and being commissioned to write a For Dummies guide, Laura has the ability to translate complex subjects into accessible and fun workshop sessions.

Laura uses her coaching skills to work with senior board members to achieve their best, as a group and as individuals.

Laura will be moderating “Time Management; How to boost your productivity” at 11.45am and “Eat, Sleep, Love; What does it take to be a productive event professional and a healthy one” at 2.00pm in the Wellbeing Lounge